🟢AD CS Components

Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) is a critical component of public key infrastructure (PKI), providing customizable services for creating and managing digital certificates.

Key components include:

  • Certificate Templates: Predefined blueprints for certificate creation, allowing customization of settings and policies per organizational needs.

  • Certificate Enrollment Web Service (CES): Offers a secure, web-based method to request and retrieve certificates, enabling users and devices not part of the domain to enroll.

  • Certificate Enrollment Policy Web Service: Serves policies to clients, aiding in the automation of certificate enrollment by providing available certificate types and requirements.

  • CA Web Enrollment: A web interface that allows users to request certificates via a browser, simplifying the certificate enrollment process for various scenarios.

  • Network Device Enrollment Services (NDES): Provides a mechanism for routers and other network devices to obtain certificates, crucial for scenarios where manual enrollment is impractical or impossible.

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