🟢CBA patch

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The CBA patch hinders Subject AltName abuses such as ESC1, ESC2, ESC3 and breaks CA Configuration abuses like ESC6, ESC9, ESC10.

• Before the Full Enforcement patch date (Nov 14, 2023 for now available as OOB update) the " key value in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services Kdc Registry Subkey can be altered in 3 states to set Certificate-based Authentication checks.

Disabled: 0 ––> SID Mapping checks are disable

Compatibility: 1 szOID_NTDS_CA_SECURITY_EXT is checked and validated if present, but if a strong mapping is not present authentication can still proceed but will be logged.

Full Enforcement Mode: 2 ––> strong SID mapping requirements in client certificates, and if not present authentication fails and will be logged.

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